Street Angel Crash Detection & Filtering

Enhanced Collision Detection System

The Street Angel solution benefits from the use of an ‘Enhanced Collision Detection System’ (ECDS).

Most other solutions rely on simple acceleration magnitude based triggers to generate a collision alert, this leads to users being swamped with a series of false alerts from speed bumps, hard braking, and other common driving events.

ECDS applies Artificial Intelligence based techniques to the data collected by the advanced sensors within the Street Angel camera to filter out these false positives and only deliver events of real interest to the user.

With the ability to continually adapt and improve the algorithms via Machine Learning, ECDS ensures that a Street Angel crash alert is something to take notice of.

What our clients say

"An increase in 3rd party claims left us exposed when defending false allegations and 50/50 claims. Camera Telematics was instrumental in comprehensively solving this issue for the compan"

Alex English, Ballinalard Logistics Ltd

“Our insurers recommended Camera Telematics as a means of increasing our driver performance and safety. We also saw the opportunity to improve our claims response times as well as the accuracy of our claims process. Once we sat down with Camera Telematics and reviewed options, the choice was adamantly clear.”

John Hennessy, General Manager, Securispeed.

“Since installing the Camera Telematics system our fleet has benefited from a significant return on investment through improved claims response, vehicle maintenance and driver behaviour.”

Dominic Murray – Owner and Managing Director

“After trialling various vehicle camera solutions, we chose Camera Telematics as our long-term camera technology partner. Their deep understanding of the market and dedication to developing and delivering the next generation connected vehicle cameras made our choice easy.”

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